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What people are saying about Mastering PowerShell:

This book is excellent! It goes from the basics all the way to a deep dive in programming with PowerShell. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn the language. I'm fairly new to PowerShell and I was able to keep up with each concept in the book. It's the best book on PowerShell I've read so far and definitely worth buying!

September 16, 2015   Milwaukee, WI   

A great resource for Programming with Powershell, I would recommend it for every Powershell User as reverence. It is fast, there is no big bla bla until you can start to write the first Script.
With 282 Pages the book is not too big so it is possible to read them in 1 week, for some of the Chapters it Is required to get additional Information's, but this should be clear. (282 Pages ! :o) )
Chapter 5 gives you a very good explanation of the PS Regular Expression possibility.
Chapter 6 is a must read and writing PS scripts without exception handling after this Chapter is a no go.
Chapter 13 is a good start but a little bit too short for me and here I miss recommendations for further reading.
Chapter 14 is again a must read, PS Scripts without header information, no!
So all in one, worth reading.

July 17, 2015   Ulm Area, Germany   

I have numerous books on PowerShell and have been working with PowerShell for only a few months. But this is the first book on PowerShell that I can say truly speaks to me. The light bulb came on as I was reading this book. It is well written and organized in such a manner that I can honestly see myself taking my PowerShell skills to the next level. It is an absolutely great book that I would highly recommend to anyone who also wants to take their PowerShell skills to the next level. Each chapter made me want to continue reading more and had me looking forward to the next chapter. I am also looking forward to introducing this book to all of my co-workers with the hope that they also will build on their knowledge of PowerShell. This book has earned a permanent place on my bookshelf. Thank you for this book…

May 23, 2015   Chicago, IL   

Love this book! I'm just starting out learning PowerShell, and this book has helped me out tremendously! Very easy to read and understand. Excellent examples and pictures showing you what to do! Excellent book!

July 27, 2015   Okauchee, WI   

A great resource for those working with Powershell whether you are just starting out, or are an accomplished script writer, this book has something of interest. The book is well written and follows a logical progression. The examples and exercises given re-enforce the material in each chapter and each builds upon the last. The author shows a solid understanding of object oriented scripting. I am currently an administrator for a large company and had some previous Powershell experience, but this book has helped me to understand some of the concepts at a deeper level and make some of our existing scripts much more efficient. The book has alot of screen shots and isnt too dry to hold your interest and is one that I keep handy for reference. If you read through this book and practice through the exercises, the material presented will allow you to start writing quality scripts instead of copying scripts. I recommend this book for those with some Powershell experience, but beginners will also benefit from the material.

June 15, 2015   New Albany, IN   


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